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#3 PARIS | Oui oui 2021/2022! Bonjour Paris!

happy new year in paris

The idea of being in Paris when the dates change was never on my mind. The idea came about by accident when we had no plans for my birthday.

We have Paris! It’s a 4 hour drive, so we book a hotel and eat croissants. Easier said than done.

We will look for hotels, Airbnb and other websites.

We’ve got the hotel, now it’s time to pack!


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Winter in Paris can be hot!

25 degrees in December?! Daa! It is possible.

First of all was important what to take with us. Will be cold, or warm, does the hotel have a swimming pool or gym?

The answer is: Paris is unpredictable! Uncle Google said it will be 20 degrees on 31 December 2021 – I never thought ending the old year would be so warm!


We packed swimming suits and warm jackets and on the morning of 31 December 2021 we drove to the city of love and the best croissants.

It will be nothing special, but I feel that Paris is my third home (after Tenerife in the Canary Islands which is number 2), Always busy streets and this organized chaos – love is in the air as well as the sound of the beeping cars. This music symphony creates the atmosphere is never else – This is Paris!




31 December 2021

happy new year!
watch out!

Can you imagine dying Paris? No?  Try to drive on the roundabout with the rules. The rules do not apply to the Parisians. Busy streets and beautiful cafes. At every corner, we can see Parisian chic and classy. 






After I went here a couple of times I understood why it is the most important fashion how here. You can find the most prestige boutique here – with the mot prestige prices. 

 You can die during driving or shopping – the one thing I know for sure: Paris can kill you, but you still love it.


Happy new year 2022!


how to get to paris and what to see here




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1. 🅿️Parking 1 Eiffel Tower: – gratis toilet available!

2. 🅿️ Parking 2 Louvre:

3. 🏛 Eiffel Tower

4. 🏛 Museum Louvre

5. 🏞 Tower Montparnasse – view to the all Paris!

6. 🏛 Les Catacomber de Paris

7. Restaurant

8. Disneyland Paris –