• #7 MODENA | MILAN | Say faster 32min in the MC20 – 176km

    Lose yourself in the enchanting world of Italian fashion and luxury cars on an unforgettable journey from Milan to Modena.

    Milan is the second largest city in Italy and is known as a fashion and design capital. It is an important financial center and offers numerous cultural attractions such as the Duomo di Milano, Castello Sforzesco and La Scala opera theater.

    Located in Emilia-Romagna, Modena is known for its culinary specialties, especially balsamic vinegar.

  • #6 LUGANO | The largest Italian-speaking city in Switzerland

    Explore enchanting Lugano – an oasis of beauty located on the azure blue lake, surrounded by lush green mountains. Discover the charm of the historic streets, taste the culinary delights and be amazed by the vibrant cultural scene of this enchanting Swiss destination.

  • #5 ZANZIBAR | How is the happines measured in Zanzibar

    In Zanzibar, traditions are as colorful as the local markets! It’s like entering a cultural carnival where Swahili, Arabic and European influences merge into a vibrant mix. Think of music that makes your hips sway like palm leaves in the wind and dancing that makes you move as if you were standing on hot coals (but much more fun). And let’s not even talk about the food – you would think the chefs there would do magic with spices! When it comes to hospitality, well, let’s just say they have a Master’s degree in ‘How to Turn a Visit into a Celebration’. The only problem? Just try and get away – Zanzibari traditions have a kind of magical appeal that even Harry Potter would envy!

  • #4 ZANZIBAR | P1 | The raining season, Ramadan & 2 tourists

    Happy people in Zanzibar often experience a deep connection with the nature, culture and community around them. Time seems to pass more slowly, with people having more space to enjoy simple moments such as sunsets on the beach, colorful markets and traditional dances. The island’s laid-back atmosphere encourages a life that’s about nurturing relationships, sharing stories and enjoying the beauty of the moment, without the constant pressure of time.

  • #3 PARIS | Oui oui 2021/2022! Bonjour Paris!

    Paris, the capital of France, is a city of love, world-class art, and culture. With iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and Notre-Dame Cathedral, Paris captivates with its beauty and historical grandeur. Strolling along the Seine offers romantic views and the atmosphere of this magical city. Paris is also a mecca for fashion, food, and shopping enthusiasts. With a rich culinary scene and countless boutiques, Paris offers unforgettable experiences for everyone.

  • #2 MALAGA | Zorro, Guernica & oranges

    Malaga, located on the Costa del Sol, is a dynamic city in southern Spain. Known for its beautiful beaches, rich history, and delicious cuisine, Malaga attracts tourists from around the world. Strolling through the historic center offers colorful streets, monumental buildings, and charming squares. Malaga is also the birthplace of the famous painter Pablo Picasso, attracting art lovers. The diverse cultural offerings, great weather most of the year, and welcoming atmosphere make Malaga an extraordinary place to visit.

  • #1 LANZAROTE | Timanfaya and volcano

    Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands, is a destination worth visiting all year round. With its enchanting landscapes, from volcanic peaks to vast beaches, the island attracts travelers in search of sun, sea, and relaxation. Whether you enjoy a walk along the coast, exploring the fascinating volcanic landscapes, or tasting the local cuisine in charming villages, Lanzarote leaves a lasting impression on its visitors. With its unique blend of natural beauty and vibrant culture, it’s no surprise that Lanzarote is a favorite destination for travelers from around the world.