To get your ideal look for your portraits, it is very important to be happy with what you wear. You have to feel comfortable in your clothes, but you also have to be a little practical when we are outside. Many people prefer to opt for the simple, classic look, which keeps the portrait looking timeless. If you can, it’s really worth spending some time planning your outfits.

Colors and patterns

Choosing the right tones can really add something to the image. This doesn’t mean you have to wear all one block color, but think shades and shades. This will really help with the overall look and feel of the portrait you want to achieve.

Here are a few starter ideas:

– Pinks, corals and purples.
– Black and white.
– Blue and white.
– Navy blue, white and red.
– Blue, yellow, gray and white.
– Any bright color can be worn with neutral shades of black, white and gray.

I can always help you by phone with planning your color/tint scheme. Don’t panic if this sounds like hard work – it just takes some time to figure out what you have and what will work together.
A few simple rules: stay away from busy patterns and logos, which can become outdated quickly, and avoid thin stripes (although thick stripes are usually fine).

Change your appearance

It’s often fun to have two different looks during the photo shoot and it gives you a little break while you get changed. Of course it does depend on changing facilities! If you prefer to have just one set of clothes, it is advisable to bring some other clothes as well… and that doesn’t just apply to the kids!
Being outdoors can bring all kinds of unexpected challenges, so it’s better to be prepared!

Remember, we can discuss all these details prior to the shoot, so you arrive on the day perfectly prepared and ‘ready to go’.


There are so many aspects to boudoir photography. Some women do it to regain themselves, others as a gift for their significant other. The bottom line is that a boudoir photography experience in Asheville with Atelier Unforgettable is empowering. It takes guts to break it down like that, and for those of you who haven’t experienced it, imagine what it must feel like to take the time and care to put yourself out there, exactly as you are. To embrace your femininity and define your own beauty on your own terms. Wowza. I’m so grateful to be able to help bring that joy and that strength to so many women.

Naturally. Digital images cost €699.00 for ten, €1,199.00 for 20 and from €3,099.00 for the set of 60.

If you normally wear glasses, please wear them because that’s “You!” If you have a choice of glasses, bring both as we can test which ones have a non-reflective coating. Ideally, bring glasses that don’t become sunglasses outside (transition/photochromic lenses), as they darken when it’s sunny outside!

Just like 99% of people! But that’s where I come in! I specialize in putting people at ease. My job is to make you feel relaxed and we take the time to take the right photos. I give you tips and tricks to feel good in front of the camera. I will also continue to show you the photos during our shoot, to make sure you are happy with them and to make sure I fulfill your brief.

Ah retouching. This seems to be such a hot topic these days. My job as a photographer and artist is to not only take the most beautiful photos you have ever seen of yourself, but to create beautiful works of art. Another part of my job is to make you feel absolutely stunning in your photos. I use many methods for this, including Photoshop. What I won’t do is make you look like someone else. Our posing methods ensure that only the parts of you that you love most are highlighted and this posing also helps to minimize what you may not love as much. Our post processing process is to help create the artwork from the vision we have during your session. Shall I “touch up” your 40 pounds? No. Shall I smooth your skin and remove shadows? Yes. My general rule of thumb is that you don’t remove the lines (we earned them, after all), but we remove the shadows the lines create.

Once your photo shoot has been scheduled with our calendar, cancellations are possible up to 3 days before your appointment. If you cancel within the 3-day period, a rebooking fee of €250.00 will be charged. “Why?” you might ask. Because once your appointment is confirmed with our calendar, we will not accept any other business during that period. Of course, we understand that emergencies can arise, and in some cases we may choose to waive that fee, but we feel that having this policy detracts from last-minute cancellations.

It is very important how you feel and that you know your best pose. Before the photo shoot, you can try a pose on the front of the mirror, watch some YouTube tutorials or look at sample photos. We have many poses: sitting, standing, moving – we find the perfect one for you and the place where the photos are taken. If you’re still not sure what to do, write an email with a brief description and photos of what kind of photos you admire. We will do our best to make you feel good at the photo shoot.